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Welcome to the Kyokushin Fighter Club!


If you are a Kyokushin fighter from any organization or have competed in a Kyokushin tournament, then congratulations!  You are a member of a unique community of martial artists who truly embody the Kyokushin spirit represented by Osu!


Kyokushin fighting is a grueling and arduous form of martial combat that is deeply rooted in the concept of Shugyo.    

Every Wednbesday the Kyokushin Philly dojo holds an open sparring night from 8:15pm-9pm as well as holds an annual Iron Man Kumite event open to martial artists of all styles!  Please send us an email or give us a call anytime oif you want to drop by our dojo or sign up here for a fighter profile!

By signing up for a fighter profile you will be signed up to our email list and receive up to date communication about Kyokushin related activities!

Be sure to visit our shop for all Kyokushin fighter apparel!



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