Fridays: 7-7:30pm via Zoom


Welcome to Kyokushin Philly's Online Kickboxing Program!

A combination of Kickboxing and Traditional Karate, our Online program focuses on rigorous conditioning drills you can do right from home without the need for a great amount of space!


Each class consists of intense warm ups, stretching, traditional techniques and sparring drills. Whether for self-defense or to just get in shape, Kyokushin will provide you with the tools you need to help you grow stronger!


Get ready to sweat and train hard with the strongest karate in the world!

-Ages 18+

-Workout clothes OR traditional karate Gi are required.

-$10 per class or Free to monthly members!


Kyokushin is a FULL CONTACT martial art with INTENSE training that carries a risk of potential injury.  Practitioners must sign a waiver and will not hold the instructor liable for any injuries that may occur.


2278 N. Penn Rd, Hatfield, PA. 19440 

E-mail: Tel: 812-917-8146

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