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It is believed that through rigorous training in the martial arts (Shugyo), coupled with intense study of martial arts classics and ethics (Gaku), humans can achieve personal peace of mind (Satori). Our Yudansha are also encourage to try new styles of martial arts, take seminars and try other forms of activity as well. Training at home is also considered as acceptable practice and encouraged for further personal development.

Further intense training and feats are encouraged, however with caution, by engaging in such martial arts conduct as beach training, mountain training or entering knockdown full contact tournaments. This must be done however under the direction of a Sensei or higher and not recklessly. Students who pursue such as course must sign waivers issued by their instructor.


*Practitioners and instructors who independently practice Shugyo trainings will not hold Tetsujin-Kai, Shinbushido-Kyo, Kyokushin Fight Club, Justin Hagen and any and all of their students and associates liable or responsible for any injuries or death that results from their activities.



Based on the saying of Confucius which goes, “Studying without thinking is labor lost. Thinking without study is perilous,” Gaku is the intellectual study of Bushido and East Asian ethics. This can be done through the personal reading and through taking courses offered by Sensei Justin Hagen, enrolling in courses at the college level and/or taking courses offered through community education or other organizations. Such studying is in league with Confucius who stated,

“A good man who studies extensive in the arts and literature and directs his studies with judgment and taste, is not likely to get on the wrong track.”


Furthermore, Confucius states,

“In education, study always as though you have never reached your goal and as though apprehensive of losing it.”


Our Yudansha therefore continue their studies for not only personal development, but also with the intent of being able to pass this knowledge on to others whether it is their own children, friends, family or students.







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