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A unique event held bi-annually, the Iron Man Kumite is a Kyokushin Sparring Challenge where all competitors fight in a Round Robin style with back to back 1 minute matches in Semi and Full Knockdown divisions with NO HEAD CONTACT.  

*We will try to make both semi and full knockdown divisions, as well as divisions based on skill and gender, however if sign ups are limited all will be combined into a single Semi Knockdown division.

In order to show the full spirit of Karate to the world, we will put together 5-20 fighters per division in a smaller scale version of Mas Oyama's 100 Man Kumite.  1 fighter will go in the center to fight each of the other 5-20 competitors in 1 on 1 back to back 1 minute rounds.  After the fighter has finished their 5-20 rounds, he will rejoin the other fighters to give the next fighter their turn to be in the center to fight all competitors in the division in back to back rounds in the same fashion.  This will continue until ALL COMPETITORS have had a turn to be the "Iron Man" in the center.   

While it is Full Contact, we are however trying to make a FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT, and while we encourage competitors to fight hard and push their opponent, we ask fighters to keep in mind we want fighters to be able to continue fighting even after their turn so that everyone will have a chance to fight everyone without anyone being taken out due to injuries.  Therefore we ask fighters to not intentionally injure or maliciously attack each other and to go at approximately 90-95%.   

Ideally there will be 2 divisions, one Semi Knockdown for Novice/Beginners and another Full Knockdown for Intermediate/Advanced fighters.  If there are not enough fighters for 2 divisions, all will be combined into ONE division.  A third division will also be available for female fighters if enough sign ups are gathered.


All competitors will receive a certificate if they complete the challenge with a special award issued to the "Most Spirited Fighter" 

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