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Welcome to Kyokushin 101 a completely FREE virtual encyclopedia of Kyokushin techniques, kihon and kata!


Simply type in the technique or kata you are looking for in the search bar and a tutorial video for what you are looking for should pop up!


For general searches, type in the type of technique you are looking for such as "shuto" and a list of various shuto strikes will pop up.

Can't find what you are looking for?  Then email us a technique we are missing and we will do our best to get a video up for you asap!

Are you a Kyokushin practitioner and want to contribute a video tutorial?  Then send us a video and label it "Kyokushin 101: (technique/kata name)" and email it to us at:

Option 1 Submission:

-Send us an mp4/video file via of your video and we will review it and upload it to our YouTube channel directly.  We will also upload it to our IGTV series "Kyokushin 101" available on Instagram, which we cannot do for Option 2.

Option 2 Submission:

-Upload a video to your YouTube channel and label it "Kyokushin 101: (technique/kata name)" and if approved we will add it to our Kyokushin 101 playlist.

*By sending us your videos you agree to allow us to upload them to our channels and website with your permission*


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