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Leg Destroyer Drill

  • 21Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


An incredibly challenging lower body workout to rapidly atrophy leg muscles to build endurance for knockdown competition. Feel free to add or take away sets according to student ability. No equipment is required. *WARNING* These drills are high impact and pose a potential risk for injury. These drills are designed for athletes looking to compete at high level and put immense strain on leg muscles, knee joints and ankles. DO NOT ATTEMPT if you have prior knee injuries. INFORMED CONSENT: By attempting these exercises and drills you fully recognize that potential risk of injury is inherent to the practice of any martial art and you will fully and unquestionably take on full responsibility for any damage, injury, or other offenses that you may sustain or incur during this training. You thereby renounce any legal action or claim against the instructors,employees, agents, members and authorized guests of Kyokushin Philly,'s Fight Club, the Tetsujin-Kai community, KUSA and Justin Hagen.

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