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-Beginner TKD Ages 6+ (6:00PM-6:45PM)

-Advance TKD Green Belts+ (6:45PM-7:45PM)


BucksMont Taekwondo located at 2278 North Penn Rd, Hatfield, PA 19440


While our Kyokushin karate program is reserveed for those who are ages 14 years or older, we are partnered with BucksMont Taekwonod who offers Kids Taekwondo classes.  BucksMont TKD teaches traditional Olympic style WTF Taekwondo which is safely padded, yet full contact style of martial arts.  It is great for kids to get started in and is a solid base should students wish to make a transfer to Kyokushin Karate as they get older.

For more information on Kids Taekwondo classes please visit the BucksMont TKD website at:


Justin Hagen is an educator for the local public school districts as well as holds his M.Ed in Academic Standards & Reform. 

Afterschool homework help is also available for all 1-12 grade students who are members of our Kids TKD program. 


Email us for details at:


Taekwondo is a FULL CONTACT martial art with INTENSE training that carries a risk of potential injury.  Practitioners must sign a waiver and will not hold the instructor liable for any injuries that may occur.


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