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Guided Reading Essay: Kazuma's Revenge

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Read the story of Kazuma's Revenge then answer then complete the following essay assignment under the Quiz section. The 4th installment of our Jitsuroku series, here continues the Pulp Fiction style revenge saga started with The Loves of Gompachi and Komurasaki. The story of Kazuma's Revenge unravels plots of rebellion against the Shogun that leads to epic showdowns full of treacherous and deceitful characters. An amalgamation of the Shimabara and Keian Rebellions intertwined with the life story of Araki Matayemon (founder of the martial art Yagyu Shingen Ryu), this dramatized epic is a tale you don't want to miss! This work is a republishing of a segment from A.B. Mitford's Tales of Old Japan which is now out of print and in the public domain. You can read the article provided as a lecture in this section, or pick up an updated E-Book version of the single tale on Amazon with updated commentary from our instructor Justin Hagen under the resource section. Alternatively, you may also Download the original work by A.B. Mitford also available in the resource section.

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